Websites That Do More Than Just Look Good

Building websites and web-apps for companies who want easy to use websites with custom features to fit their needs.

Web Development

Data-Based Strategy

Ads Management

If It Can Run In A Web Browser, We Can Build It

When it comes to building a strong infrastructure with technology, there’s nobody better. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch or building upon your existing system, we’ve got the team and resources to help you build strong, robust systems that drive predictable and sustainable results. 

Web Development

Hand-built websites designed to match your company’s visual feel and experience. Whatever your vision, we can build it.

SaaS Applications

Ranging from standard API’s to fully built out SaaS applications, we specialize in the Microsoft Tech Stack (C#, .NET, Azure, SQL) and provide robust, corporate level development consulting.

Organic Marketing

Build your site’s online presence with Search Engine Optimization and credibility building tools such as Google MyBusiness.

Paid Marketing

Learn your Client Acquisition Cost (CAC) through curated campaigns that help you understand your customer demographic.

Why We're Better

We recognize that you’re making a big investment into your business’s future. This is how we continue pushing to give you the best possible outcome.

Constant Communication

Get updates via text, email, and live video calls to know the status of your project as needed.

Designed for Scale

Robust and future-proof infrastructure that grows with your business, providing long-term value and sustainability.

Security and Maintenance​

Rigorous adherence to security standards, protecting your data and your customer’s trust.

Strategic Guidance

Grow exponentially with our expertise by defining and driving your technology roadmap.

Cost-Effective Leadership

High-level technological oversight without executive-level expenses, so you can innovate freely.

Seamless Growth

When you’re ready to take the wheel, we’ll give you all the tools you need to run your ship effectively.

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Success stories from our amazing clients. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Building your digital presence requires two steps: building your site for people to find you, and then people actually finding you

Luckily, we’ve got a solution for that, too. 

We let you focus on your business and manage your digital environment. Your content will always reflect your business and your site will remain as secure as possible with our managed services. 

On average, we've seen brands/companies produce an extra 15-30% of their existing revenue via Email Marketing, making it the highest ROI investment you could make. 

Retarget customers who've already sold into your vision and offer with loyalty incentives and the latest updates into what you have ready to offer next.

We'll help you establish a strong foothold on the internet via services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and improving your Google MyBusiness, Facebook, and Yelp profiles to reach customers easily. 

While slower, this avenue allows the truest, most reliable form of traffic to your website possible. 

Our in-house Ads expert will fine tune your company's understanding of its ideal client demographic, and put your company's curated ads onto the screens of thousands. 

Starts with a three-month sprint. Minimum budget of $2,500/mo required.

Take Action With a Risk Free, Discovery Call.

If you’re ready to scale your business, hopping on a call with us is the best possible step you can take.

Whether we’re the right fit for you or not, you’ll leave our call with a clear understanding of what you need for your business – saving you valuable time to grow.

Prefer Snail Mail?

If you prefer to get in touch with us via email (contact@mirakii.co), we’ll try to get back to you within 24-48 hours.